About Xpitax

Xpitax Solutions Private Ltd was incorporated in August 2006 in Chennai. The company is engaged in high-end Business Process Outsourcing work. Most of the company’s business involves preparation and processing of U.S. and Canadian Tax returns for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts. The company is also engaged in Accounting and Financial Analysis for U.S. and Canadian clients. Combining domain expertise and web-based technology has enabled Xpitax to provide innovative outsourcing solutions for Tax-filing, Bookkeeping and Reporting for clients in the USA and Canada.


Our Outsourcing Partner in USA

Xpitax LLC located in Massachusetts, USA, was founded in 2003 by a regional CPA firm to address staffing and productivity challenges facing the accounting profession. The company helps accounting firms increase the value they deliver to clients by streamlining the tax return preparation process and other professional accounting services using a more efficient, process-driven outsourcing strategy.